A term referring to the occurrence of an unexpected delay in an already tense or anxiety-filled situation that causes the build-up of even more tension or anxiety. Originates from the term used to describe the act of calling a time out on the football field right before a field goal kick in order to give the kicker more time to think and thus more time to build up nervousness.
Example 1
"Dude, I waited outside for her in my car for 30 minutes!"
"That sucks man."
"Yeah...all that waiting totally threw off my mojo for our first date."
"Classic case of "icing the kicker", man."

Example 2
Ryan crammed up to the last second for his microbiology test, only to have his professor "ice the kicker" by passing out the test 10 minutes after everyone was seated.
by trumpetdude January 27, 2010
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When somebody walks in on you as you are about to get on the job in an attempt to phase you, or throw you off your game; Cockblock
Her roommate tried to Ice the Kicker last night. It didn't phase me, I still put it through the uprights.
by John Michael Caine III January 25, 2011
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The act of ejaculating on her foot as if you're icing a cake or cupcake...hence the name, Icing the kicker.
Last night, my girlfriend wanted to try something different. So before I came, I grabbed her foot and started icing the kicker.
by Motley Screw October 22, 2011
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