The ship name for the characters named Ichigo and Orihime from the anime Bleach. This ship is canon and gave birth to a son named "Kazui."
I ship IchiHime!

IchiHime is cute together!
by ILovePie<3 June 11, 2017
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IchiHime is a pairing in Bleach anime/manga that includes series's main protagonist Kurosaki Ichigo and one of the female protagonists Inoue Orihime. The pairing is named after the beginning of Kurosaki Ichigo's first name, and end of Orihime Inoue's first. They are the second most popular pairing of characters in Bleach that includes the main character, Kurosaki Ichigo, as the male in pairing. Other variations of the name for the pairing include IchiOri and Origo.

Clashing with the fans of the most popular Ichigo-pairing, IchiRuki, IchiHime fans end up in many conflicts in internet fandom. They are notorious for intense victimcard- tactic in popular sites like TVTropes and fandom_wank, claiming to have no part in dirt going on between competing fandoms and putting many made up issues or things they are more or less responsible of as well into account of other pairings (especially the previously mentioned most popular one) to the point of sometimes being ridiculed because of it by fans aware of the background behind the conflict.
The scene where Orihime Inoue stands above sleeping Ichigo and tells him that if she would live five different lifetimes she would fall in love with him in each one raised the popularity of the IchiHime pairing in fandom.

IchiHime fan 1: "We don't have to talk disrespectfully about other characters to make our pairing look more probable like IchiRukis and UlquiHimes do."

IchiHime fan 1 again: "Ichigo isn't interested in Rukia because she has smaller breasts than Orihime and she is ugly."
by AnimeMangaFan November 13, 2011
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One of the worst pairings in the entire show... Orihime doesn't truly love Ichigo as she claims. Rather than romantic moments happening between them, the absolute opposite happens. Not only that, they bring out the worse in each other. Most people who ship this pairing are young girls from 7-13 who don't know anything about love. They assume just because they both have red hair, they should be together...

Ichihime has no love. Orihime only likes him cuz of his looks. She knows nothing about him, just as he doesn't really care to know about her.

Orihime's supposed love for him only gets her depressed! She used to be the most cheerful girl in the whole manga, until the whole HM arc started. She caused IchiThing to appear, while her jealousy and "love" is slowly turning her into your typical shojo female. Unable to do anything and can only say one thing.

They don't have a real bond like Ichigo and Rukia. It's just some fake unrequited shit... This pairing doesn't even deserve the word love...
Orihime once compared herself to the rain... And the rain drags Ichigo down

Rain= bad to Ichigo; Orihime=Rain; thus... Orihime= bad to Ichigo
by Ichihimeh8er May 29, 2011
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A popular pairing in the Bleach universe. This pairing is often called legit because Orihime has the same hair color as Ichigo or because she has big boobs or because they look cute together. In reality, this pairing will never happen because while Orihime may "love" Ichigo, he doesn't really have a deep and complex relationship with her. She is attracted to him just by how he looks, and he is just corteous and caring to all his friends. Super herpes isn't even real. You're an idiot if you think so. You're already an idiot if you like IchiHime. IchiHime just pisses people off. IchiRuki was pretty much meant to be. Orihime may be nice and have a good personality and stuff, but in reality she doesn't have any points in which she can relate to Ichigo, she is dead weight and useless in battle, and puts a new definition (pun not on purpose, but definetly noticed) to the saying "dumb blonde" even if she isn't a blonde.
People who like IchiHime are on crack.
by awkwardChocolat June 12, 2013
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IchiHime is the pairing of Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime - One of the popular pairings of Bleach. It is often disregarded by IchiRuki fans (The pairing of Ichigo and another female character Rukia)because their super herpes blinds them.

The IchiHime pairing is the most ligical and consitent relationship within Bleach and WILL become canon by the end of the manga.
Ichihime cures Super Herpes.

*IchiRuki fans sit in uncomfortableness because they're too stubborn to admit they're wrong*
by Dancinf Panda March 23, 2009
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IchiHime is the joining of the names Ichigo and Orihime. These are characters from the anime show Bleach. It is one of the most popular Bleach pairings. Most IchiHime fans are lovers of Hime or Ichi,or r Ruki/IchiRuki haters. But as far as iv'e seen, no IchiHime fan as bad-mouthed IchiRukir or Rukia. IchiRuki fans are the immature ones, as i see it.
IchiRuki fan(true comment) - Orihime sucks! shes weak, pathetic, uselss, quite and she dosn't show her feelngs to ichigo!!

IchiHime fan - *insert long essy*

IchiRuki fan - there are still so many gaps in their relationship!!

Me - as all relationships should have!!
by Bleach_Fan March 30, 2008
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pairing of the names ichigo kurosaki and orihime inoue from the manga/anime Bleach. It is a ship that is semi popular among Bleach fans. However nothing compared to the ichiruki ship which is BY FAR the most popular ship. just look at the votes for the ichihime definitions theyre like all voted down. In the end ichigo may end up with orihime but most bleach fans will be pissed. Ulquihime and ishihime are more popular than ichihime at this point.
ichihime fan:"theyre so perfect for each other!"
anyone with a brain:"he doesnt love her he belongs with rukia and rukia belongs with him."
by logical person March 19, 2011
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