Kuchiki Rukia is the female lead in the hit anime and manga series Bleach. She is 144cm tall with short black hair which has a single strand hanging down the middle of her face.

She is a shinigami, or Death God, but loses her shinigami powers to Kurosaki Ichigo, the male lead, in the first part of the story. She later regains her powers.

The love pairing, ichiruki, is the pairing that refers to Kurosaki Ichigo and Rukia.
Rukia kicked ass in the latest episode of Bleach on Adultswim.
by chuo-ri February 28, 2008
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Gorgeous, pretty beautiful girl, normally asian with a sexy body! Modest, funny, outgoing and generous would be words to describe her. Most likely to have brown eyes and an hourglass body shape.
Money is not important in her eyes and she cherishes small meaningful gestures, memories or gifts.
Someone who can provide comfort and peace in a time of need. Always thinking of others before herself.
Does her own thing and is more independent then most.
Boobs, bottom and brains are her thing.
Is more favourable to befriend boys then girls, most boys fall for her as soon as they meet her and inevitably in love with her in the end.
May have a hard life growing up but a natural carer and has strong inborn motherly instincts.

She naturally forgives but never forgets, mark my words!!!!!!
Mmmmmm look at the booty..must but a Rukia.
Boy 1. I think I love Rukia..
Boy 2. Me too..
Boy 3. Me as well..
Boy 4. I'm gay though.. :(
by chinaa October 27, 2010
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Can kick Orihime's ass anytime. I mean, i'm not an Orihime hater, in fact she's one of my favorite characters on Bleach, but really, who would in in a fight for Ichigo's love, the girl with the kick ass sword or the one with the flowery hairpins?
Who would win in a battle for Ichigo's love? Kuchiki Rukia or Inoue Orihime? The shinigami with the zanpakutou AND kido or the human with the fairy hairpins? your pick.
by OneWhoTellsTheTruth September 28, 2010
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