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IchiHime is a pairing in Bleach anime/manga that includes series's main protagonist Kurosaki Ichigo and one of the female protagonists Inoue Orihime. The pairing is named after the beginning of Kurosaki Ichigo's first name, and end of Orihime Inoue's first. They are the second most popular pairing of characters in Bleach that includes the main character, Kurosaki Ichigo, as the male in pairing. Other variations of the name for the pairing include IchiOri and Origo.

Clashing with the fans of the most popular Ichigo-pairing, IchiRuki, IchiHime fans end up in many conflicts in internet fandom. They are notorious for intense victimcard- tactic in popular sites like TVTropes and fandom_wank, claiming to have no part in dirt going on between competing fandoms and putting many made up issues or things they are more or less responsible of as well into account of other pairings (especially the previously mentioned most popular one) to the point of sometimes being ridiculed because of it by fans aware of the background behind the conflict.
The scene where Orihime Inoue stands above sleeping Ichigo and tells him that if she would live five different lifetimes she would fall in love with him in each one raised the popularity of the IchiHime pairing in fandom.

IchiHime fan 1: "We don't have to talk disrespectfully about other characters to make our pairing look more probable like IchiRukis and UlquiHimes do."

IchiHime fan 1 again: "Ichigo isn't interested in Rukia because she has smaller breasts than Orihime and she is ugly."
by AnimeMangaFan November 13, 2011
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