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Ianna is a kind, loving, smart person. She is always a person you can rely on. And you know she will wait for you til the end. She never abandons you and will always be open to try new things. Ianna is normally a curious girl who loves to sing and dance but I scared to show it. In terms of looks, Ianna is a prettiest girl you ever met. She is always the last to brag about her looks but she is always on the top of the list.
Omg you are so amazing, you are acting like an ianna
by StubbyMidget May 26, 2017
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A total badass who would make a great gamer, athlete, musician, BFF or GF, scientist, student, sister, cook, and is basically the number 1 of anything and everything. You want to be as CLOSE to her as you can at all times because you KNOW she has your back.
Ianna is the best in every class, club, or cast we have!
by RedIris January 02, 2018
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With the name of Ianna comes the prettiest girl. She is perfect and can get all the boys in a heart beat. By her side are hey best friend that will stay there to the end. Ianna is so popular that no one can outshine her. When Ianna’s not being “all popular ” she is a really smart girl too . Ianna is the most organised girl you’ve ever met she knows whose fake and whose not so listem to her advice. Her hair is perfect, her smile is perfect and she doesn’t need no makeup coz she is flawless.
Wow Ianna you are so perfect !!!
by Master Writer 321 November 10, 2018
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Ianna’s are soo good in bed and have the finest asses. She had the sexiest body and flawless skin . She is the smartest and has the bestest friends ever.
Wow Ianna your hair and your eyebrows are perfect
by Master Writer 321 November 11, 2018
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Term used for a lazy Final Fantasy 11 player who thinks fishing will get him somewhere.
"Man, stop acting like Ianna and go farm in Rolanberry Fields."
by Vegeta187x May 07, 2006
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