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It just works is a meme so to say, it is used when something makes absolutely no sense it was created to explain a ability in a mangaka then adapted by Todd Howard when explaining Fallout 4 Settlement mode
"Man did you see King Crimson's ability it just works man"
"This feature, it just works" Todd Howard
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by It just works June 26, 2017
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"It Just Works" is a phrase used to describe something that's inner workings don't make sense.

For example, the antagonist's stand of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Golden Wind, King Crimson has the ability to erase time. What does that mean? No clue, cause it just works.
King Crimson: I erased time, and leapt past it!
You: Wait, how does that work? What?
King Crimson: It just works.
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When you don't need to explain how or why something works, it just does.

Made famous by the infamous Todd Howard.
by Mattbatcraz January 28, 2020
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