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The philosophy that sits at the intersection of arrogance and stupidity.
Radical feminists hate all men. But intersectional feminism teaches us that it is only OK to hate white cisgender men.
by KnottyNymphet February 06, 2018
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A way of blaming others for not living up to your potential.
And now, a few examples of Intersectional Feminism in action:

Example 1:
Intersectional Feminist: “Latrell is failing his English Lit class because of this university’s racist attitude toward black people.”
Random Guy: “Then why is Badawi, who grew up dirt poor in Liberia and overcame huge roadblocks in life to attend this place, at the top of the class?”
Intersectional Feminist: “Holy shit, that question is so racist.”

Example 2:
Random Guy: “The Wachowskis made a few good movies, but the stuff they did starting with Speed Racer just hasn’t connected with audiences.”

Intersectional Feminist: “Holy shit, that statement is so transmisogynistic.”

Example 3:
Intersectional Feminist: “I tried to get elected to State Congress, but I lost. Obviously the reason is because my opponent was white and I’m a Woman of Color.”

Random Woman: “Are you sure it’s not because your opponent is a highly qualified incumbent with a sterling track record of 20 years in Congress and you’re a nobody who constantly bitches about white people on Twitter?”
Intersectional Feminist: “Holy shit, check your fucking privilege, Becky!”
by McMission Definition August 08, 2018
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The kind of feminists who stand in the intersections, blocking traffic with their whining protests.
Employee: Sorry I was late for the meeting, boss; there were crowds holding up traffic at every light.
Boss: Those damned intersectional feminism protests again, huh? You'd think strong, independent women like that would have careers to be at right now.
Employee: Nope. They're too busy lamenting their victimhood and raging against the culturally institutionalized cisgendered patriarchy. And them making me late for work is **definitely** going to encourage me to side with them.
by egalitarian misanthrope January 23, 2017
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intersectional feminism is defined as a group with little or no social skills that doesn't value knowledge gained through conversation as a way to get to know someone...
Person 1: What is intersectional feminism?
Intersectional feminist: Is Google broken?
Person 1: Guess an intersectional feminist is someone who has no social skills and doesn't value

knowledge gained through conversation as a way to get to know someone...
Person 1: Sorry I bothered you...
by TeslaWaterWheel May 10, 2016
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the kind that includes and acknowledges other types of discrimination
Person 1: what does this website not have?
Person 2: a definition of intersectional feminism without an opinion that i don't really care about?
Person 1: that's right I actually had to scroll down on google and read some article about it

Person 2: that must have been exhausting. harrowing even
Person 1: it was
by funny_name January 11, 2018
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Intersectional feminism is feminism that is all inclusive. This kind of feminism really is the only true kind of feminism, but has to exist as a seperate entity to combat "white feminism", TERFS, and SWERFs, who try to exclude or ignore groups of women in their idea of equality. Intersectional feminism also includes individuals of non-binary genders.
person 1: FEMEN is a feminist group, right?
person 2: no, they're transphobic, islamophobic, and racist, to name a few.
person 1: and?
person 2: that means it's not intersectional feminism, and therefor doesn't even count as feminism.
by femefisting November 04, 2014
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inclusive and supportive of all genders,races,sex workers,single moms,lgbtq+, mental illness, ; encourages healthy and inclusive notions that uphold the power of womyn,non-binary and queer people,encourages men to recognize their privilege, encourages womyn to recognize the struggles of men like how they could be abused too and dismantle TOXIC masculinity imposed upon men at a young age, like common views of feminism intersectional feminism bring to light the constant ridicule and dangers womyn are put through such as cat-calling, rape,etc. IF YOUR FEMINISM ISN'T INTERSECTIONAL IT ISN'T REAL FEMINISM
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by proudchicanx March 10, 2018
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