Going to IMAX theater with your girl and fucking in the theater.
Yo babe, fuck netflix and chill, let's do something dangerous like IMAX and climax.
by Dude bro 1500 December 3, 2015
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Netflix and chill, but to the next level. It means you are going to climax with your partner while an IMAX is playing in the background. It's for adults and risk takers, while Netflix and chill is simply for children.
Person 1: "Hey, wanna come back to my place and watch Netflix and chill?"
Person 2: "Nah, I prefer to IMAX and climax. It insures optimum pleasure."
by ph1ght November 22, 2015
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A request for a date similar to Netflix and Chill, but with more honesty about the intentions.
Girl: "Come over so we can Netfix and Chill"
Guy: Let's cut to the chase and Imax and climax.
by coupondad7 November 8, 2015
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Similar to "Netflix and Chill". I.E. Binge watching movies and/or tv shows with the intention of at some point having sex. The main difference here is the underlying plan for both parties to reach orgasm at some point during coitus.
Person 1: Netflix and Chill?
Person 2: I'd rather Imax and climax
by Dyldo's associate November 7, 2015
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The act of Sexual conact within a 3D cinema room, Similar to Netflix and chill.
"Hey babe, how bout some imax and climax?"
by Nehpets98 November 18, 2015
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Jack: I think Sarah and I are gonna Imax and Climax later tonight.

John: Is that similar to Netflix and chill ?
Jack: Yes very similar.
by Rconst November 9, 2015
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