Acronym for "It Gets Better" - a channel on YouTube where videos are posted for bullied gay and lesbian young people, encouraging them to hang on during their high school years because life gets better after that. Started by columnist Dan Savage specifically as a suicide prevention resource, after publicity surrounding several gay/lesbian young people who were lost to suicide in Autumn 2010.
I think Obama's support of gay and lesbians is genuine, not just playing politics. He even made a video for IGB and he didn't need to do that.
by ninja nella May 06, 2011
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used to describe how ya feeling after hearing sumink or seeing someone rather mingin.

mostly used when some pervy old peado with no dp tries to chat you up on facebook...
urrrggghhh look at them 2..... IGBS !!!!
by babycakesujstdunkno October 11, 2010
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Libby pointed across the room at the girl and said, “IGB”
by Mymommy2.0 February 18, 2019
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