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IDB = In Da' Butt

Internet slang for anal sex started by the members at the Tweak3D Forums.
Would you do her IDB?
Hell yeah!

Do you like it IDB?
No. I'm not gay like you.
by Ivanolo July 27, 2004
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idb is short for “I’m dead bitch“
y’all.... idb💀
by Djakksndbxjx November 25, 2019
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acronym for ‘i’m dead bitch’, usually used over text or snapchat
by booty thick pancakes December 01, 2019
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Abbreviation for In The Butt, popularized by the slightly successful cult film "The Ladies Man"
Oh my god, last night jenny let me give it to her I.D.B!

Sarah is such a prude, she won't take it I.D.B

Ace is one of those guys thats part of the I.D.B club.
by CrimsonGhost July 14, 2004
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1. acronymn for "In Da Butt"

2. slang for buttsex (noun)

1. Craig bends over so Jim can do him IDB.

2. Trina loves IDB.
by kiloboom September 12, 2005
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