It's a knee slapper- a word used by few a different way of saying lol
person 1: he fell in a mud hole
preson 2: omg! iaks!
by Jessica April 25, 2005
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iak is a beautiful person and is a PRO GAMER!!!!!!! she is amazing and talented and everyone loves her <3
btw if you're reading this ur gae
"hey did you see iak today? she's so pretty, and for a gamer too..."
by morganpro5632 November 19, 2021
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an evil spirit haunting the ones who dare to come near its territory till they have been torchured like rats and left to die

it first feed on their fear then ...

no victim has ever survived the vin-na-iak
our exams are vin-na-iaks in disguise brothers , ban exams , shout with me ,BAN EXAMS !!!
by the difinator allmighty June 01, 2021
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