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My sister and I got into an argument on the phone about the money she owes me, but a few hours after we got off the phone I sent her a text asking "So...are you still mad at me?" ...She simply replied "IAG!" and I knew we were on good terms.
by Emonowski June 03, 2016
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An acronym for "it's all good." Commonly used to make peace during a misunderstanding. Also applicable when accepting one's apology. And on occasion, used as sarcasm.
Friend: Man, I'm sorry I used all the toilet paper...
Other Friend: Nah man, don't worry bout it, iag...just put more in the bathroom if you run out.

Alternate Response (sarcastic): Nah man, don't worry bout it, iag...I love smelling like crap all day because you can't replace the roll!
by Mrs.Sili3n September 08, 2013
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This is similar to the TCP/IP syn response during the setup phases of the 3-way handshake process. This response is specific to MJ-Authentication from the M party.

ik and iag are of the mjml protocal standard

J sends ik to M
M send iag to J

When both parties receive this symmetric key authentication has been performed and communication can safely continue.
by jason2d2 October 05, 2007
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1. Ignorant Anatomical (ass) Guess

A number pulled from "thin air or anatomicaly generated (pulled from ones ass)" for the purpose of screwing field personal or stimulating ones personal ego in order to overcome feelings of inadequacy.

(Accuracy 0 to 1 percent) A rapid estimate based on a degree rather than any experience at all
Before NASA existed took and I.A.G. and said "The moon is made of chease"
by wind gooroo July 28, 2010
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