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I3 is another way to type a simple "B", This is l33t language.
Bruce Says -Hey man i need a cool nickname for my Messenger!

Allan Says -What about I3ruce?

Bruce Says - Yeah Man! thats a nice one!
by ArcticShooter! November 14, 2009
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A form of bisexuality for those who don't like the term bi. This is a condition where a man or a woman find interest mentally and sexually in both sexes regardless of mannerisms or physical traits. The Word is comprised of I, a pronoun used by a speaker in referring to himself or herself and 3. 3 being the middle of the Kinsey scale on human sexual orientation.
Sexually I describe him to be I3
by Cursor August 21, 2007
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A chunky-ass but safe electric car made by the German car manufacturer BMW.
Person 1: Why does it look like that?

Person2: Because it is a BMW i3.
by IT'S PAST YOUR BED TIME March 9, 2020
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The worst pair of shoes ever created. (They fold at the arch of the foot! My friend almost busted his foot in one!)
1. For travel conveniences, I wore my VC III's and folded my I3 Playoff II's into the trunk.

2. That company folded like the I3 Playoff II's...
by Davo March 28, 2004
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a place where the boys can jam out to the old classic songs this also includes disney songs. Bangers like Let it go, I'll make a man out of you, Gangnam style, firework, ridin', bad day, party rock anthem, how far i'll go, fallen kingdom, revenge etc...
Aye, bro.
Want to bmw i3?
Is the even a question? Fuck yes.
by BadFrame30 July 12, 2020
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