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Said by a girl trying to make herself not feel like a slut or trying to fool a guy into thinking she is not a slut.

"I'm not that girl", "I'm not that kind of girl" and similar statements such as these said by a female before engaging in a sexual encounter proves that she's totally 100% that kind of girl.

Consider when a male says "I'm a grown ass man", upon hearing that you immediately know that he is most certainly not a grown ass man because a grown as man would never say that. Similarly, someone who is not "that girl" would never say she's "not that girl."

This is typically said by a female who 1) either is at that present moment "that girl" or 2) are recovering from being "that girl" but is trying not to slip back into darkness.
Dude, she kept telling me I'm not that girl but 20 minutes later I fucked her in the bathroom Haha. She's totally that girl dude. She should just not say it and accept that she likes getting fucked by randos.

He met her 10 minutes ago and started making out with her in the first 5 minutes. She told him that she is not that kind of girl 3 minutes before he took her to the public restroom and had quick sex with her. He acknowledged to her that she is not that kind of girl but in his mind he knew he would see her face in the dictionary if he looked up "that girl".
by senatorsanchez April 12, 2017
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