A phrase reflecting your own supposed coolness and your belief in your right to hit people, particularly people you believe have dissed you.
Charlie: What's your fuckin' problem, man?
Dave: I'm Rick James, bitch! *Smacks Charlie* And now it's YOUR problem!
by WelcomeToNowhere April 6, 2010
A quote from Dave Chappelle imitating the rockstar, Rick James, in a hilarious skit during his show. Because of that, the quote has become a really big internet thing on somethingawful.com and several other sites such as www.imrickjamesbitch.com
"What did the five fingers say to the face?"
"SLAP!!!! I'm Rick James, bitch!"
A once funny phrase from Chapel's shown, then bastardized by every idiot who thinks that they're funny repeating it.
Fat nerd: "I'm Rick James, bitch!"
Fat friends: "HEhehehehehehehehehhe... I'm leet"
by Alex Nye September 22, 2004
The immortal phrase spoken by dave chappelle on his sketch show "The Dave Chappelle Show."

This phrase originates from the sketch in which Chappelle plays a young Rick James in a flash back of his friend Charlie Murphy.
What did the five Fingers say to the face? SLAP! I'm Rick James Bitch!
by MoleManX February 19, 2004
The great new catch phrase sweeping the U.S.

Unfortunately, it cannot be used in polite company.

From a skit of Rick James done by Dave Chappelle on his "Chappelle's Show," from the Comedy Central cable network.
by Hyacinth Bucket May 27, 2005
A saying from a very funny Dave Chappelle skit that was great the first oh....200 times I heard it. Now it is an overused punchline that dosn't even make sense since most people under 30 have no clue who Rick James, may he rest in peace, was.
by Ed November 27, 2004