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A phrase reflecting your own supposed coolness and your belief in your right to hit people, particularly people you believe have dissed you.
Charlie: What's your fuckin' problem, man?
Dave: I'm Rick James, bitch! *Smacks Charlie* And now it's YOUR problem!
by WelcomeToNowhere April 06, 2010

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1)Additional ownage, said immediately prior to or while slapping or hitting someone.
2)Where that bitch is gonna get slapped.
3)An alternative to "Upside your head".
Bitch: And you know what else is your fault? That--
Perry: (slaps Bitch) Upside your face, bitch! Now shut the fuck up... and go make me a sandwich!
by WelcomeToNowhere April 18, 2010

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A set of yellow-brown, crooked, fetid, generally repulsive teeth found predominantly on British or English people.
Austin Powers may be "Groovy, Baby," but his English Teeth are fucking ick!
by WelcomeToNowhere December 24, 2010

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1)To be seriously intoxicated by some sort of mind-altering substance, like alcohol, pills, dope, etc., and useless for anything as a result.

2)What you say when you are stoned out of your mind or wasted on alcohol. Used often at college frat parties and keggers.
1) I had WAY too much booze, and now I'm trashed and it's like, ho-lee shit, why is the floor moving?
2) I'm trashed! Who wants a blowjob?
by WelcomeToNowhere July 29, 2010

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Fellatio (on males) or Cunnillingus (on females); a blow job.
Mel Gibson, drunk and nearly unintelligible, angrily screamed at his Russian ex-wife that he would burn her house down, but only after she gave him Mouth Love first. Mel is crazy again, I guess.
by WelcomeToNowhere July 21, 2010

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A teacher or boss that is very strict about people getting in EXACTLY on time, almost always refuses to hand out bathroom passes, doesn't give you any real length of time for Lunch, and delights in writing you detentions or docking your pay for such infractions (just because he can). Refer to asshole or The Man for further information.
Man 1: God, Mr. Smith wouldn't let me go out for lunch AGAIN! He sucks!
Man 2: Yeah, Smith's an asshole! He's such a Door Nazi!
Man 1: You said it, dude!
by WelcomeToNowhere April 29, 2010

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A sandwich made with ingredients you really wouldn't expect in a sandwich, like eggplant, chocolate, pineapple, Lobster, etc.

A Plant City, FL, indie rock band.
1) Mmm... Tuna-Eggplant-Mushroom on Rye! Yum!
Dude, that is one fucking Bizarre Sandwich
2) I like Bizarre Sandwich because they're indie! I'm so alternative!
by WelcomeToNowhere October 06, 2010

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