Rejection of and ridicule for an offered good or service by feigning satiation. When "No Thank You" just won't do.
Person A: "Would you like to try some of my new recipe? It's Guacamole Crab Dip."
Person B: "No, I'm good"

Person A (on the phone): "Hey, Jenny. You've been studying too hard. How 'bout I swing by your apartment and give you a back rub?"
Jenny: "No. I'm good"

Person A: Do you want to go down to the Creepy Crawl and see The Wheezing Coughers?
Person B: "No thanks, I'm good."

by USMale October 7, 2008
Dude 1:Hey, wanna try eating rocks?
Dude 2: Nah, I'm good.
by GRAND QUICHE October 17, 2014
I don't want to hear anything else you have to say. For arguments sake you're right
Jackie: Can you drop this payment off at the post office for me today.
John: Why didn't you pass by there on your way home?
Jackie: You know what you're right. I'm good I will do it myself.
by True to life January 18, 2008
Saying for faggots, if you say this repetitively, you are a faggot. If you say this once and have red hair, you are a faggot. Other faggot sayings include: oh really, are you sure, you're right, and fml.
Timmy: You're a faggot.
Jack: I'm Good.
Timmy: Faggot.
by I am filth March 10, 2009
Involved in a state where a person's considered okay. Not wanting any bother.
I was walking to the grocery store and a man selling bootlegged movies, says,"Ms., you want to check out the hot movies?..They only goin' fa five dollas..?"...My reponse is,"Naw man, I'm good."
by butterscothch January 11, 2007
1. to express fullness, or the moment of euphoria.

2. show content in declining a question

3. satisfied lifestyle
Them: Would you like to trade in your iPhone for the new Galaxy?

Her: i'm good
by Allwaze Wright III August 9, 2013
Meaning a drug dealer has resupplied his drug supply and is ready to sell. Drug dealers will usually text their most frequent buyers saying "I'm good" so they know that they have resupplied and are ready to sell.
Dealer: I'm good
Buyer: Okay can I get a dub?
Dealer: Yeah I'm at my crib.
Buyer: Okay!
by Siincerity March 5, 2012