like when you miss some one so much
girl, i miss you some decent! i cant wait ta see u
by ssexy_white_gurl July 2, 2008
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When you are so tired of just watching the person you used to know and love turn into a different type of person so much that you decided to search it up in urban dictionary. Or....maybe this is who they’ve been the whole time they just kept it hidden from you the whole time to keep you from leaving. That’s why you haven’t left huh......
I miss the way you used to be
by LennyLicker April 3, 2021
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When you miss a girl named Ariana, gave her nickname Ri and used to fuck around with her on snap.
Ariana: Don't call me Ri
Joshua: Ri
*Blocks her for no reason*
Joshua: Damn I miss you Ariana
by J da freak August 20, 2021
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