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used to answer someone when they are looking for something, whether you don't know where it is, you ACTUALLY ate it, or if you feel like sitting back and laughing at them while they look for the thing even though you know where it is.

If a person is asking for the where-abouts of a female, the scenario could have some sexual undertones. (I ate her).
Scenario 1;
1: Hey have you seen the cookies?
2: I ate it.

(in the above senario, person no.2 ate "it" not them, therefore it ambigous as to whether he actually ate the cookies.)

Scenario 2;
1: Have you seen my top?
2: I ate it.

Scenario 3;
1: Have you seen dad?
2: I ate him.
by Gustus February 01, 2008
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childish word for "People who love each other"

People in love, or seen to be giving affection through kissing or hugging or holding hands etc. It could be used to describe people having sex, but really its too childish to be used in that type of reference.
People on television kissing

"ooohh, lovchuvers"

typically Gabriella and Troy from high School Musical would be called luvchuvers, especially in the final scene of the 2nd movie.
by Gustus February 01, 2008
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