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Fucking Amazing Post-Hardcore/Goth Band From California.
They Have A Male/Female Vocals Thing Going On And It's Not Unusual To Hear A Violin Everyonce In A While.
They have described their sound as rock opera for goth or hardcore kids.
They Are Cooler Than You.
I Am Ghost:
We Are Always Searching
Lovers Requiem
by bandanasarerad November 09, 2006
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I Am Ghost (IAG) is one of the fucking best hardcore/goth/screamo bands in the world. At Bamboozle Left 2009, they were the only band requested by the crowd for an encore. They were THAT amazing.

They have lyrics that will chill you to the bone.
"Her eyes still glow like heaven. Broken, unsound, cut her wings off"

Band Members:

Steven Juliano
Timoteo Rosales III
Ron Ficarro
Justin McCarthy
Chad Kulengosky

This band isn't sappy emo kid music.
All of their lyrics are fucking amazing.
"Hey did you see I Am Ghost at Bamboozle Left 2009?"

"Dude YES. Steve was dancing like a maniac on stage and I was screaming the loudest for an encore!"

by RenaeIsGhost April 11, 2009
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These O.C. goth rockers are masters of mixing classy with edgy and approaching polished musicianship with reckless abandon. IAG's live show falls nothing short of a cinematic adventure as they display their love for theatrics onstage while performing. In 2007, I Am Ghost toured with Biffy Clyro, TheAUDITION and The Bronx on the Kerrang! Tour 2007, the Epitaph Tour 2007 with Escape the Fate, The Matches, and The Higher, and played on Warped Tour 2007. They have also toured with Drop Dead Gorgeous, Still Remains, and 1997. Kerith Telestai released an official statement on June 30, 2007 stating that she would be unable to continue touring and would be leaving the band due to health reasons. I Am Ghost is not currently looking for a replacement. A few days after Kerith left the band, her husband, Brian Telestai, announced that he too would be leaving the band after their tour with Aiden. He posted a controversial bulletin on MySpace regarding his departure from the band, and the band has recently found a replacement. After Kerith left the band due to health problems, her husband soon followed, not wanting to be away from her for months while on tour. Brian Telestai was replaced by Ron Ficcaro.

I Am Ghost recorded a 6 track demo themselves a few months after forming in 2004 for the sole purpose of booking shows locally and gave away copies free of charge. Even before the band had played a single show, I Am Ghost had given away thousands of copies of their demo We Are Always Searching. When I Am Ghost signed to Epitaph Records after only their fourth show,1 they added 3 new tracks, artwork and, on October 25, 2005, re-released it as an EP. Lovers' Requiem was produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Iggy Pop, Chevelle, Cold) and proves to be violently but beautifully epic from beginning to end. I Am Ghost bring forth a breathtaking amalgam of vibrant strings, demonic guitar lines, choral flourishes and grinding punk rock. Boasting titles like "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps," "Pretty People Never Lie – Vampires Really Never Die" and "The Ship of Pills and Needful Things" Lovers' Requiem perfects "Epicore," the outfit's unique, self-coined subgenre.
Steven Juliano originally wanted to find a band that had similar interests, because.. He was always usually the odd one. Prior to I Am Ghost, he sang in The Silence. He regularly contributes to articles for Kerrang! Magazine.
He has described I Am Ghost as "... a band created for the kids, the children and young adults who feel they do not fit in anywhere, for people who believe they are alone in this world. We hope to create some hope and understanding with our music. Our mission is to change kids lives."
He has been described by fans as "friendly, funny, charming and quite short!" It is known that Juliano spends a large amount of time at concerts meeting and greeting with fans of the band, signing photos and CDs and posing for photographs.
The band lineup for I am Ghost currently is...
Steve Juliano - Lead vocals/scream
Timothy Rosales III - Lead Guitar
Gabriel Iraheta - Rhythm Guitar
Ron Ficarro - Bass/Vocals
Ryan Seaman - Drums

Kerith and Brian Telestai are now modeling for Hot Topic, and currently working on their own project called 'Telestai'.
I am Ghost is an amazing band for fans of A.F.I, and Aiden.. They are also great for people who want something like Cradle of Filth, except a bit less screaming and growling.
by Raynuh! November 02, 2007
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