A person who says they don't like to do or say something but the do it say it anyway
David That guy's a retard because he looked back at a cop hate that word but he was

Kevin If you hate the word retard why are you saying it

David Because I just did yes I hate that word but he was a retard

Kevin What a hypocrite
by Boogereater69 February 21, 2021
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A person who lied about the things they dislike doing but secretly does it as well.
Albert: He said he doesn't me wearing my Rolex watch cause it make me look like a rich brat, but he wears it, too.

Samuel: Wow! What a hypocrite.
by GoFlushYourToilet September 02, 2017
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Someone who berates people for having some kind of a "problem" but is absolutely oblivious to the fact that they have the exact same problem.
Neoliberal: *goes on a rant saying how minimal social spending is the first step towards a communist dictatorship*
Also neoliberal: *rejects participative democracy and trade unions while casually mentioning his admiration of Pinochet*

Socialist who's debating him: "And don't you think this makes you a hypocrite?
by KahsbGdgz January 05, 2020
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People who got angry at anyone who spoiled Infinity War, but are posting spoilers themself after they saw the film.
Hypocrite: I kill anyone who spoils IW.
- After seeing the movie -
Hypocrite: It's crazy when X happnes to Y in IW.
by thia_lynd May 07, 2018
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Someone who becomes upset with another's behaviour, but will also partake in the exact same behaviour.
Jessica became extremely irate wither her friend Michael for forgetting her birthday, while October 21st came around and did not feel it necessary to mention his birthday. This makes her a hypocrite
by BirthdayBandit November 04, 2010
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