Used to describe one who is overly concerned with others' opinions regarding him/her. Hyper-sensitive people usually worry that anything someone else says/does expresses dislike for them. In fact, a hyper-sensitive person is so obsessed with others' thoughts that it eats at him/her internally, leading to the person's inability to focus on anything but others' opinions.
Phillip is incredibly hypersensitive- I said "Hello" to him yesterday instead of my usual "Good day", and he thought he had done something to offend me.
by Diggity Monkeez January 22, 2005
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A temporary, high altered state an individual rises to in which he or she senses the tiniest things as if they were many times larger and more intensely, cannot ignore them, and feels forced to react to them, often by correcting the source of the irregularity or by taking a break and recuperating from the effects having sensed the stimulus caused in his body.
A graduate student found he was in his super-hyper-sensitive mode again. For example, when he heard the sound of a car horn, it bothered him so much he had to stop doing his homework on the computer, get up, go to the bedroom, and with his feet on the floor lay on the bed to recuperate from the distraction. When he burped or farted he also had to stop and go to the bedroom for a short break. If he was walking to the computer and one of his sandals got caught on the floor tile, or if he hit one of his feet against his other foot, or if the chair he was going to sit on went slightly off-kilter it would frighten him so much he had to go recuperate on the bed.

When he does not stop, acknowledge what he sensed, stop what he is doing, and go recuperate, he feels the pain repressing his need to go recuperate from the reactions his super-hyper-sensitivity causes in his body. Two-years ago, he learned to stop what he was doing and go recuperate.

Knowing it is wiser to forgive the people who blow their horns or his neighbors who somehow bang on the walls or the floors because they do not know better and do not know how to be considerate, he reminds himself to forgive them because they simply are not as aware of things and do not know as much as he continues working so hard to learn.
by but for May 9, 2018
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