Used in Hyphonix's streams and elsewhere on the former Cx network

It used to be Cx but now It's Hx
Person 1: Dude Cx in the chat

Person 2: Hyphonix is our new content king, Hx in the chat
by Hyphonix'sStache January 20, 2019
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An official title used by 1337 haxx0rs that accentuates great skill, wisdom, and experience. In certain Internet-based organizations, it is considered to be a high-ranking official that has gone through many trials to achieve such an honorable rank. See "1337" and "pwn0r1z4t10n".
hX.Frost: "Oh noes its teh POLICE! Hide teh LUNIX!!!111"
by Stasis AMK3 August 12, 2003
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A Sussy man who uploads funni videos and beats up XJ9 from my life as a teenage robot cuz she is sussy as megatronlorod, and if you are subscribed to Hayden hx you are a god,
But if your subscribed to megatron lorod you the kid who is bullied alot.
by Yes stinky May 11, 2022
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HX is an abbreviation for HENNY GANG
henny gang is Harvey j's clique much like CX for ice posiedon
HX IN THE CHAT Henny gang in the chat "we lit"
by Lord of memes and all things g January 21, 2019
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a server that is based and just based; defined as based.
precisely known as based; based
yo check out hx's server thats based; based
by qorr June 22, 2021
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