The 50/50 between a hug and a kiss at the same time is equal to huss. The fact of taking hu (half of hugs) and ss (the other half of kiss) is equivalent to the word huss.
"50/50 hugs and kisses? there is a word for that! HUSS"
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by ThePerfDude December 21, 2016
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Jennifer Lopez-I'll sell you this caot for $10000000

Brad Pitt-Ok

Beyonce'-That was a huss. She bought that coat for $5.
by Jocelyn a.k.a. Jozzie/TinaBoo December 10, 2005
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(verb). to puke excessively and unexpectedly onto a person.

can also be used with -ed -ing
"Dude, that girl was wasted last night. She hussed all over him"
by Immahussey November 15, 2009
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Also known as a Hussy.

A girl who is easy, "fast", and travels quickly around the bases (1st base, 2nd base, etc.)
Guy #1: So how far did you get with that girl?
Guy #2: Man, she experienced! We went all the way on the first date!
Guy #1: Whoa, I don't know any girls besides sluts that go that far on the first date.
Guy #2: She was a huss! Damn slut.
by KennedySuicide April 15, 2006
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the most athletic boy you'll ever meet and is so sweet he'll do anything to make anyone happy. He also is known to be quite the ladies man by using his incredible sence of humor
I want to be a Huss
by Tunar August 12, 2017
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