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Hurd is a terrible spelling error. It is supposed to be the word "heard".
I'm going to school, ya hurd?
by jerryyyyy June 12, 2017
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(H)IRD of (U)N*X (R)eplacing (D)aemons. A kernel for an operating system, made by the GNU. The world's first doubly recursive acronym, with HIRD.
He's so cutting edge, he's running the HURD!
by cazort November 11, 2003
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To smoke a large amount of Marijuana, unintentionally, in one hit. Causing coughing, euphoria, super highness.

To become higher than intended.

To burn your throat or lungs, from smoking.
i can't smoke anymore, I'm really hurd right now
by M.I.K.E.Tv June 28, 2011
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The name of a cool family that lives in Riverside, RI. The family includes Diane Hurd, Andrew Hurd, Nick Hurd, Nate Hurd, Alex Hurd and the late Terry Hurd.
"Yo! It's the Hurd brothers!"
by The Hurd's November 19, 2004
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Those damn Hurd boys are so annoying. trevis and tyler r spoiled as shit
Cool Boys unite! but leave out the hurds
by harris sharif March 20, 2005
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