A person (usually a child, but some adults without experience may be one), that is not used to the layout of a keyboard (ie. no abc, the qwerty setup), and instead finds the letter (generally slowly), and then "pecks it" (hence the name).

Lots of people are becoming hunt and peckers, some are Touch-Typers (know the layout of a keyboard, don't need to look, etc).
Bob: Yo, Jerry, why weren't you responding to me on chat last night?
Jerry: I can't type like you can, I Hunt and Peck.
by Blinklad December 3, 2008
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Name of the innovative team that came up with the qwerty keyboard layout to slow down typists to prevent old mechanical typewriters from jamming.

Masters at inventing ways to slow people down, Hunt went on to inventing a catsup that pours more slowly and Peck went on to inventing a method of eating that made it take four times as long to eat your meal.
Nobody will IM with me because I hunt and peck.
by Alfie The Horndog August 23, 2005
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(Also known as H and P.) Hunting and Pecking refers to somebody who is extremely slow at typing. The way H and P-ers type is searching the keyboard row by row finding the key to press, then hitting that key and repeating the process. Some people such as myself find this extremely irritating because you just would like to get up, punch the typer in the head, sit down and began typing at 1000+ words a minute.
Nerd: Type faster...please type faster or I'll wound you!
Typer: Click...Click...Click...
Nerd: AGGHHHH!!!!
by Mehro November 28, 2004
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Literally the worst insult you can imagine. Saying this will end someone's career in one blow. They (and their bloodline) will have no employment opportunities and will likely die from the roast. Saying this is the easiest way to induce mass genocide.
"Hey man, I bought some bepis, do you--"
"STFU, you're just a hunt and peck typer."
---Has an aneurysm and dies---
by ExistentialBipes July 25, 2018
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Hunt and Peck typing, also known as Brady typing, is a method of typing with two fingers where you hunt for each key and peck it with your finger. Hunt and Peck typing is commonly known for being inferior to touch typing and is generally much slower.
You use Hunt and Peck typing? How do you survive in this world?
by Pikcube July 20, 2014
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