When a woman is in the midst of a bean flicking session and it's is approaching the point of no return, she's so intent on getting to that point that she's working on it like it's a game of Hungry Hippo
I walked in on Cheryl at the point of Hungry Hippo and wasn't going to interrupt her, so I just let her finish while I moisturized her tits with a steaming load
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by Funking Barsteward September 18, 2017
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A sex act ,involving the man laying on top of the woman in the 69 position with his balls in the womans mouth . She then proceeds to jam her thumb in the mans asshole rapidly causing him to lunge forward ; mouth open towards her pussy like a Hungry Hippo.
That woman wore my asshole out playing Hungry Hippo last night!!!!
by Slobby Robbie September 29, 2015
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hungry hippos is a game for 4 people where 1 will put small balls in their rectum. the other 3 will take turns trying to suck them out of the rectum. The player with the most balls in their mouth wins
Guy1: Anyone up for some hungry hippos?
Guy2: hell yeah
by lump420 July 13, 2019
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