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Genital sores or bodily bruising caused by vigorous or rough sex.
My dicks got the hump bumps today. She fucked me raw.

What happened to you? Your next and arms are all bruised. Oh no worry. Just hump bumps. Got my brains fucked out last night.
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by Eaton Holgoode June 09, 2018
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I can define 'humpbump', but Urban Dictionary would refuse to publish it for no adequately explained reason. Again.

Apparently, correct spelling, acceptable grammar and a modicum of wit generally fails to "make the cut".

And yes, I have viewed extensive UD entries to gauge what material might be considered acceptable. Given the overall level of scholarship displayed in this *outstanding* specimen of vernacular lexicography, I suspect that any further submissions may need to be made using human faeces smeared on a tattered brown paper bag.

Thank you, and good-night. :p
humpbump: (n.) A prominent mons veneris.
by Bugzapper October 10, 2013
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