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Hummuscidal is a person who consumes hummus in outrages amounts which causes long term aggressive diarrhea and bad body odor.
overloading your digestive system with hummus may cause:
strange stomach noises
short term memory loss
bear hands
bad farts and death.
hummus was originated in the 15th century by the ottoman empire, spread to the entire arab world and later stolen by israelis claiming it as their national food.

2500 people die every day from being hummuscidal.
"No wonder he's dead, he was hummuscidal all along"

"Hey! what are you doing with all that hummus??, are you hummuscidal or something?"

"If eating hummus is a crime than lock me up and call me a hummuscidal maniac"
by Dr. Cock'n'balls January 26, 2012
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