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A fake cartoon band created by the famous youtuber Ray William Johnson. They were made famous by their first song My Balls. They followed with others such as Orphan Tears, Club Villain, and Mr. Douchebag. As of now they have 17 songs.

The band is made up of 4 members. Humbert usually the main singer is made to look like Ray himself. There is also Axel, the drummer. Benatar plays the keytar,or basically a handheld, guitarlike keyboard. the final member is Deejay. Deejay is the only member to ever sing a whole song beside Humbert. He sung the band's most disliked song Transphobic Techno, a.k.a. Bitch Got a Penis. Their most recent song is Whip Yo Kids. Finally, they occasionally feature another singer who knows Ray into some of their songs. A few include Destorm, Nice Peter, and Wax.
A: Dude! Turn that shit up! It's great!
B: Yeah I know! This is the newest song by Yourfavoritemartian!

A: Oh! That cartoon band created by Ray from =3!
B: Yeah!
by Slapshot123 October 02, 2011
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This a cartoon band created by Ray William Johnson, who is #1 most subscribed on Youtube currently. YFM makes songs that are very funny, catchy, and entertaining. The videos are released every other Wednesday, getting millions of views per song.

These songs are often including other famous youtubers are "guest appearances" and collaborations. The words are mostly written by Ray William Johnson.

YFM is one of the most subscribed channels on youtube, and it deserves every one of those subscribers.
Me: Aw, man. This Your Favorite Martian guy is the s**t.

Hater: You kidding me? It sucks.

*walks away*

Me: Haterz gon hate.
by rwjluvamybrutha August 01, 2011
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