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An extremely intoxicated human being that is completely lifeless and also happens to be 100% homosapien. Usually a saying that is yelled with the carrying out of vowels such as, "huuuuuman cooooorpse!"
By human corpse, do you mean huuuuuuman cooooorpse!!!
by AlteredBeast2010 November 23, 2010
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A hilarious way to refer to a cadaver during any stage of decomposition. Especially funny when in the medical training environment due to its unprofessional and disrespectful connotation. Phrase commonly screamed or yelled, especially when drunk but does not exclude sober mention.
Phrase more commonly used to describe humans that are still alive but on the absolute brink of death, humans that live dangerously, humans that are beyond drunk, humans suffering from spine injuries, humans that are "too cool for school", humans that wear Ed Hardy and/or Affliction clothing, humans that over-tan as to resemble a burnt human corpse, humans that are also called "douche-bags", 90% of New Jersey, humans that are of Asian descent, humans that are oblivious to their surroundings, further increasing their chances of becoming a human corpse, humans that are bad drivers, humans that follow and do not lead, humans that are vomiting, humans that are immobile due to drug use, and humans that self-pity.
Murph was moving the cadaver into the freezer when someone screamed, "human corpse!" into the megaphone.
by Skeleton Fishhook November 29, 2010
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