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The man in a bisexual sex train, who is receiving a penis in his buttox, and has his penis in the woman's vagina. The man in the middle is therefore acting as both a profilactic and a barrier from any STDs the woman might possess. Additionally if the "human condom" preforms his function well enough, the rearward male's forward thrusts will be translated unencumbered through the human condom. -- NOTE: the person acting as the human condom does not violate the sanctity of marriage nor is engaging in homosexual behavior because he is merely acting as a vessel for the sex organs of the parties involved that are not the human condom.
Tom, come over here I need you as a human condom. That chick looks like she's got herpes so I'm gonna fuck her with your dick.
by Urban_Vocabulary June 18, 2017
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A woman(possible a male) who's only value to others is to be fucked. These people are to be treated like a condom. The penis is inserted into an orifice, ejaculation occurs, then the penis is removed and the woman is discarded. Just like a condom.

An objectified woman, who doesn't realize that she's been objectified.

A woman of little or no value.

*Note a human condom will not offer protection against child birth and stds.
Patricia is such a human condom. I used her last night and threw her ass out before I went to sleep.
by Scotters August 10, 2007
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Paris Hilton as it seems according to popular opinion this girl has had more cock that a battery farm
human Condom did you ever see that video what a dead fish...
by Brettimus January 14, 2007
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A human condom is where a man uses another man as a condom to hav sex with someone he doesn't want to fuck with his penis.

Man 1 inserts his penis into man 2's ass and uses his penis to have sex with someone or something.
Andrew used Brian as a human condom to have sex with a crack whore.
by The Monkatee. July 21, 2017
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