inserting your index and pinky fingers simultaneously into a woman's vagina and anus then using the two fingers to draw a "hulk hogan" moustace upon ones face
after rocking her world,i hulk hoganed her and gave my best hulk flex pose
by chapstickass August 10, 2006
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When you're trying to get a girl to take her clothes off and it's just not happening fast enough... you go all WWE on her ass and rip her shirt down the middle Hulk Hogan style. Originated Monday October 8th, 2007 @ 3:45 p.m.
Josh: Amanda, take your shirt off
Josh: Nevermind, I'll just Hulk Hogan that hoe.
by Burke Ave Skanks October 19, 2007
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When a professional wrestler becomes too famous and inevitably turns into a bad parody of their former selves. This frequently happens to superstars late into their career. See also “The Big Show”, "Ric Flair” and “Jerry Lawler”.
"Shit, it looks like the Big Show has succumbed to Hulk Hogan Syndrome recently. He's pretty much just a joke now."
by PaPeRlUiGi September 11, 2008
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When a slut is on her knees surrounded by a circle of muscular men (or former pro wrestlers) who jerk off and blow their loads all over her like it's snowing.
Christen waited for the WWE to come to town, then she snuck backstage for a "hulk hogan snow shower".
by gigantordingdong June 27, 2014
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The act of aggressively giving a male a handjob, often to the point of discomfort.
Martha told me that she'd be down to hulk my hogan when my parents go on vacation.
by Boogie Bash April 8, 2011
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When you and your friend get in a fight, and the shorter one comes out on top screaming OHHHHH YEAAAAAAA
Man I like how at the party last night you pulled the old Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan act.
by Guts The Slayer June 18, 2016
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the whore in the porno yelled "hulk your hogan, right into my mouth!!!"
by djro August 14, 2006
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