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The technique used in the act of intercourse with a loose vagina in which one must girate there pelvic area as though they are hula hooping.

In some cases some have also been known to hula hoop while hulahooping.

Hula hooping was invented by Pam Andersons pool boy.
"Man that bitch was as loose as pam anderson. I was hulahooping that shiz."
by PaulCORE August 11, 2008
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When two people love/like each other but are not dating.
Ashley loves Tannor but they are not dating they are Hula Hooping
by chiefs123 July 13, 2009
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A man puts on three strap-ons; one on each side and one on the back. He then stands in the center of four bent-over women and has sex with them all at the same time by moving his hips in a circular motion; as if he was hula hooping.

Optional: Can be done to the tune of "Jump On It" by Sir Mix-A-Lot
Dude, I got with four chicks last night and we were totally hula hooping!
by TVK777 March 23, 2015
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