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Hufflepuff is a house in Hogwarts from the magical world of Harry Potter. The Hufflepuff house are notorious for partying and are usually huge stoners. Hufflepuffin refers to smoking some killer weed (if you're lucky it's from Mrs. Sprout, the Hufflepuff teacher of Herbology!).
"Young lady, what are you doing?" -Professor McGonagal
"Just Hufflepuffin on this blunt, Minerva, you want a hit?" -Hufflepuff student stoner
by HogwartsHigh August 13, 2012
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The Hufflepuff house is the most inclusive of the houses and is by default filled with some of the least intelligent, ambitious, and brave people at Hogwarts. Hufflepuffin refers to an activity that is either unintelligent or tremendously awkward for all others present. It's comparable to watching a lactose intolerant badger run into a glass door seven times.
Person 1: That girl was smiling at me all the way across the restaurant!
Person 2: It's McDonalds man, thats her job...
Person 1: No, I really think she's interested!
Person 2: You're hufflepuffin so hard right now.
by mintyfreshnate September 14, 2011
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