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A thing so big that the original "huge" is inadequate. Without the luxury of using body language or tone of voice to express the magnitude of something, and lacking a diverse vocabulary, the minions of internet forums require something more than "huge". HUDGE is that word. It's 25% longer and the spelling implies an extra half syllable in its pronunciation.
"You were killing it Bro! That jump was Hudge!"
"FKNA Brah, with conditions like this I'll be hucking Hudge air all day."
by jm2e August 15, 2011
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1. noun - turd. number 2. poop. Mr. Hanky. Specifically, a turd that, no matter how hard you try at completion of deployment, you cannot wipe away it's memory. (anonym would be a one-wiper).
2. verb - the act of performing number 2. Taking a dump. Pinching a loaf.
1. I've gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper as a result of birthing this hudge.
2. After drinking myself silly and gorging on Mexican food last night, I must hudge like a bandit this morning!
by Slappy September 29, 2003
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A laugh consisting of vigorous hand rubbing accompanied by raspy grunts of the word hudge. Also used following an exciting event.
Bob hudged when chris fell off the diving board.
by Hijinx December 15, 2003
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Bumping shoulders with a person as a sign of affection that takes the place of a hug when hugging would be uncomfortable.
Hug + Nudge = Hudge
"It's too cold for me to take my hands out of my pockets and hug you, just give a hudge really quickly."
by Evilweed December 01, 2008
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To post illicit naked pictures of yourself on the web, especially if you're famous for being "good"

comes from the time Vanessa Hudgens plastered her naked self all over the internet, much to the chagrine of children, and the delight of all fifty year old perverts everywhere
"Dude, Paris just totally pulled a hudge!"

"Big deal"
by cluny December 08, 2007
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A word used to describe the size of an event. Originally used as a discriptive word for parties at 171, as 171 is notorious for hudge parties it has also been used at other venues including JYJ's hudge party.
The term originally is derived from the word "huge" but was miss-spelled by 171's own Guy "muscles" T. on a local SSM music website advertising a "hudge party at 171".

Events that happen at a hudge :
- The drinking game "flip cups is played
- someone usually ends up puking
- people stand in the hallway

Rules of a hudge
- No shitties
- Hudge at 171!
- So i hear there is going to be a hudge party at 171?
by JYJ May 27, 2006
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