Sense 1, somebody who is really loud and vocal.
Sense 2, somebody who lets out loud vocalizations, similar to the howl of a wolf, when they're in pain.
I don't think I can go to haunted houses, because I am such a howler.
When my nurse was giving me a shot, she couldn't hear over me because I am a howler.
by lupophiliac December 5, 2013
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Beginning in the 1970s this was the popular term for a 'great party' in Western Canada. Its usage sprung from the enthusiastic party howls and hoots that could be heard at a distance from the many party-goers. It originated in North Delta (back when it was still unspoiled), a small, unique, adventurous, forested, geographically elevated suburban community bounded on four sides by the Fraser River, Burn's Bog, farmlands down to Boundary Bay, and the then sprawling, sparsely inhabited municipality of Surrey to the east. All ages of teenagers would end up partying together (most of them still friends decades later) on weekends in local forest clearings or in youngster's homes (when the parents went away on holidays!), and the loud, long howls of enjoyment we're the familiar signature of those memorable occasions. Those special celebrations of youthful freedom and friendship are still being enjoyed today. Rock on!
Jim's parents have gone away on holiday, so there'll be a big party at his place all weekend and everyone's going — it's gonna be a howler!
by Ed Word April 3, 2011
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Someone who is disgusting and beyond the definition of ugly
His ex girlfriend was an absolute howler!
by Howlergrowler May 14, 2015
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When a football opinion is so phenomenally wrong that you feel the need to express yourself with the expression of “that’s a howler!”
Fabio: Martinelli is good
Robbie: That’s a howler, Hudson-odoi is so much better
by AfricanBeast1 October 14, 2020
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Scientific name: Trollus Vulgaris Ulularis

An obscure subspecies of common troll, this lesser known internet denizen and lurker was brought back into the mainstream's view during the campaigns/elections for POTUS 2016.

With its characteristic scent of fear and ignorance, the howler repeatedly attempts to shout its personal truths into everybody else's reality using mostly blunt force internet tactics, relying heavily on logically fallacious ambushes and what it believes to be shiny objects.

Fueled by delusion and derision, convoluted arguments are constructed/fabricated and secured to each other by a near infinite number of tenuous threads at randomized intersections, maintaining many points of continuity with the original discussion while completely fragmenting coherency. Appearing on forums as vehemently vigorous to suffering extreme torpor and all points in between, the howler becomes tick-like and difficult to shake off once it has determined that you are prey and has attached its victim(s). Its rationales are unknown; it is uncertain if a howler can actually reason for itself, as none has ever observably demonstrated a fully intact brain or usable mind.

Usually, standard troll management techniques apply. However, at the time of this writing some have escaped off the internet and into public office; meatspace procedures are in the process of evolving to accommodate the contingency.
A post appears on a net neutrality forum...


Everyone else, collectively rolling eyes and saying to themselves: "Fucking howlers."
by iamchavo January 22, 2017
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Disorderly, loud, crazy seeming people.
The Howlers and Growlers were kicked out of the bar after the ballgame.
by I, Wreckerrr October 26, 2016
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A co-worker who isn't very productive, generates a lot of noise and metaphorically throws shit everywhere.
Those three new engineers looked great on paper, but once they were set loose on a project it became apparent that they were a bunch of howler monkeys.
by cfm2 March 23, 2012
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