How Long The cook in a cheap Chinese restaurant. When you hear the waitress yell How Long she's not concerned with when you get your food, she's on the cook's ass to get it moving so she can have her smoke break. How Long
Hey; How Long, get your little chink ass movin', gimmie that kung pow chicken for these assholes at table three. It's time for my smoke break.
by Isack Sack December 27, 2007
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A mind boggling statement to which no man can come back with any reasonable response. The only known response is Touche.
Guy: ....and I never when scuba diving with my pants off again. Anyway, how long you been living here?

Other Guy: long's a string?
by Bro-seph Sebastian Bach June 21, 2010
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In broken English, a way of asking how much time until a certain event.
Herro, I berieve I have a reservation- what? No check-in now?! How long time?
by Yuk-Yai May 11, 2008
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Derived from the phrase "how far we've come", this phrase has been first said by Anime YouTuber AnimeUproar's AnimaC on an episode on the Rant Cafe Podcast, this was a dumb mistake by AnimaC.
"It really is crazy how long we've come"
~ AnimaC
by LordTwigo'sFollower November 28, 2020
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A thing so long you cannot describe it. Almost infinite amounts of longness. The "long" can also be replaced with other words like "short", "red", "sexy", and etc.
"That tube is god knows how long."
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18 months are not 1,5 years y’all, maybe 6... maybe 10, maybe forever so sorry I can’t answer this. But if you really want the answer ask one direction. (Please come back it’s been 6 years and we all miss you so much)
How long are 18 months?
A: “I’m taking an 18 month break”
B: *shocked* “So you never come back?”

A: “How long do you think are 18 months???”
B: “I don’t know I’m a directioner and I have trust issues”
by 18monthstheysaid May 5, 2021
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