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How Long The cook in a cheap Chinese restaurant. When you hear the waitress yell How Long she's not concerned with when you get your food, she's on the cook's ass to get it moving so she can have her smoke break. How Long
Hey; How Long, get your little chink ass movin', gimmie that kung pow chicken for these assholes at table three. It's time for my smoke break.
by Isack Sack December 27, 2007
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A little Country town 30km from Albury, Biggest Attraction is the TSR (Travelling Stock Reserve) which attracts many Bogans, Yobos and Aussies in general, popular things to do in Howlong include purchasing a $500 Commerdore or Falcon and thrashing the shit out of it, then lighting it on fire in the TSR, cheaper options include putting Fly Spray and Butane cans in the fire whilst your pissed on Smirnoff and Aussie Beers like VB, Carlton and Boags

For Yanks and Other UnAustralian peoples Commerdore and Falcon are Aussie Cars
Taz - Hey i just brought this Commerdore for $450 on E-bay do u wanna come with me and thrash the shit out of it

Shaw - Fuck Yeh, Lets fo it at the TSR at Howlong

Taz - Bloody Oath, your paying fuel
by Peter Alexander July 13, 2008
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