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A antisocial guy. He doesn’t show interest in people especially his girlfriend. He is very introvert and doesn’t talk that much. He seems a bit boring.
“That guy doesn’t really talk and seems a bit boring.”
“ I know he is such a houseplant.”
by Lottielot January 31, 2018
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People who are a waste of space on this planet. They walk through life uninterested and uninteresting. They're so out of touch with their own wants and needs that they are unable to form their own opinion about anything. They are therefore highly susceptible to fads, advertising and gimmicks. They go to the same vacation spots, restaurants and movies over and over again since they're deathly afraid of any new experience.
Nah, they're not interested in learning anything new. They're just a bunch of houseplants and comfort zombies.
by kabukulator September 30, 2010
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