A married woman who is allowed and/or encouraged by her husband to pursue sexual relationships with other individuals. Often, these relationships are in pursuit of fulfilling the husband's/couple's fantasies.
Lisa loved being a hotwife. Nothing made her feel sexier than when her husband watched her as two men they barely knew sandwiched her in that hotel.
by captainclutch86 September 27, 2018
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Like a Slutwife or Vixen, a Hotwife is woman that initially agreed to being shared sexually by her husband with other people, predominantly other men, but also other women, to promote the sexual pleasure and increased experience for their husband, but then discovered her natural slut (sexually liberated unique treasure) behaviour, and now craves the sexual pleasure, freedom, and empowerment, being shared by her husband gives her.
I didn’t know if I would enjoy being my husbands Hotwife, but I love it when he shares me.
by ExploreYourInnerDesires September 19, 2023
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A happily married woman who has the freedom and support in her marriage to pursue positive sexual relationships with men other than her husband. Her husband has full knowledge of her activities and encourages them. The level of trust and understanding required often brings the couple closer and makes the marriage even stronger and more intimate.
Since my wife Dawn became a Hotwife our sex has never been better. After years of marriage things were getting pretty tame, but now the passion she brings to the bedroom is insane!
by HappyWifeHappyLife August 31, 2017
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A female counterpart in a wifesharing/Hotwifing relationship. She could be a Vixen (SO of a Stag) or a Cuckoldress (SO of a cuckold).
I love being a Hotwife! My boyfriend always chooses the best Bulls for me to fuck on the weekends!
by Lexie Des Mots August 14, 2020
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A Hotwife is a woman that has discovered her "super" power married to a man that consents and supports her in her journey.. It is a lifestyle very few women will experience and many will not understand. This lifestyle has many versions from Hotwife-Cuckold to Vixen-Stag and a mix of everything in between. However behind all of them is a woman that is free to have sexual experiences with other men with the consent and support of her husband. For me it is an exciting and 🔥🔥lifestyle. I have learned so much. For more information and to follow my journey check out my website. HappyHotwife.com
Before Happy became a Hotwife her husband was her one and only sexual partner. Now she can freely choose who and when she wants to play with.🔥😈
by HappyHotwife.com August 15, 2023
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A married professional woman who hides her secret sex life from her friends and family. She seeks out other men for threesomes with her and her husband. These activities are encouraged by her spouse and he gets off on tag teaming his lady.

One D is great for her but give her two and she has a wild transformation.
"Bro I knew my lady was a hotwife before she did. The ole two in the pink one in the stink was never quite enough."

"Every nurse I've met has been a closet hotwife. No wonder they all walk funny on Mondays."
by Mr. Biggensworth October 9, 2017
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Comes from the Lifestyle term HOTWIFE. A woman who is a hotwife is a woman whose husband likes to share her sexually with other men or likes to watch her have sex with other men and the wife enjoys pleasing her husband this way. This is different from CUCKOLDING wherein the husband is not a SUB. HOTWIFING does not involve humiliation of any of the participants.
The couple spends most weekends hotwifing with men they met online.
by DreaD70 October 1, 2020
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