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Hot Pork (Electric Pork) is a slang word used to describe an embarassing sexual episode where a woman is strapped into a chair backwards, a curling iron is slipped into her vagina, then plugged in. The iron is savagely slipped in and out of her vagina while the perp is making sheep noises into the recipient's ear. As she begins to cry, the perp then proceeds to urinate on a bar of soap, jam it into her mouth and whip her in the face with a urine soaked towel.
Man: You've slept with my father for the last time! Now you get the Hot Pork!

Woman: OH NO!!! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOT AGAIN!!!

Man: Shut up bitch! Hot Pork...HA HA HA HA!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha-hot Pork!


Urine soaked towel: (((SLAP)))

Woman: MMMPH!

Urine soaked towel: (((SLAP)))

Man: Baaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaa!
by Honkey Monkey February 27, 2009
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