When you are having sex with a girl without protection and you pull out too late and create a long thin piece of cum that resembles a hot glue gun.
I was screwing her so hard i forgot to pull out in time and gave her a hot glue gun.
by Mr.JT July 15, 2012
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Penis. The word stemmed from "Hot Glue" which was slang for semen. It was a natural progression. Sometimes abbreviated H.G.G.
"And then... I stuck my hot glue gun in there REAL hard!"
by k101 December 20, 2009
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After pistol-whipping your ho, you take out your manhood and gently apply a nice bead of manplasma to her forehead.
Marco's bitch liked it rough, so he grabbed his gun and gave her the ol' Hot Glue Gun to finish her off.
by OhMyRod! July 17, 2017
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the penis, especially when ejaculating. release of some hot, sticky, 'mucilage' sometimes resulting in the eventual appearance of an uninvited 'guest'!
can you come over on thursday? (response:) i guess so, i'll just be playing with my hot glue gun!

made a 'mess' with my hot glue gun, and down the road two became three!!
by michael foolsley March 31, 2014
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When u cum with a hot sticky white load on woman eyelid so that they cannot open theirs eyes
I pulled out and impaired hercision with my hot glue gun
by PETEY 003 November 25, 2019
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Proceed to masturbate with your choice of super glue. When you cum you squeeze your balls like you are squirting out hot glue.

You need to cum before your hand dries to your penis
by Jacuzzi January 20, 2022
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