A stripper agency GOB from Arrested Development used to work for.
They're just strippers! Look how hot they are!!!

One of the Hot Cops was my choir teacher.
by Dominik92 June 22, 2009
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An American Alternative Rock/Rap Rock band founded in 1999 by Rob Werthner, Luis Espaillat, Kory Knipp and Tim Flaherty. The band is known for their loud style, strong rhythmic beats, epic guitar riffs and sexually explicit lyrics. The origin of the name comes from a nickname Werthner gave his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. He was a NYPD officer with a "feathery, out-of-date haircut."


Rob Werthner (Vocals & Guitar)
Tim Flaherty (Guitar)
Juan Chavallo (Bass)
Johannes Greer (Drums)

Kory Knipp
Luis Espaillat
Miles McPherson
Daniel Feese

Red Panda 7 (current)
Lava/Atlantic (former)

Limp Bizkit
Bloodhound Gang
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Nutbag EP (2002)
Hot Action Cop (2003)
2009 EP (2009)

Fever for the Flava (2003)
Goin' Down on It (2003)
Don't Want Her to Stay (2003)
Samuel L. Jackson (2002)

The songs "Fever for the Flava" and "Goin' Down on It" have become popular party anthems and have been featured in various media from movies like Grind, American Wedding, The Hot Chick and The Real Cancun to TV Shows like Malcolm in the Middle, King of the Hill and The Man Show as well as video games like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. The songs have been edited and replaced with lyrics about cars in the latter.

The song "Samuel L. Jackson" was featured in the motion picture S.W.A.T and the song "Don't Want Her to Stay was featured in the video game Project Gotham Racing 2.
Guy 1: I don't like Hot Action Cop. All they do is sing about beer, girls and fucking.
Guy 2: What do you expect from a band called Hot Action Cop? Shakespeare?
Guy 1: I still don't like them.
Guy 2: That's because you're a douche.
by Baron6489 August 5, 2009
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to create or innovate something in a totally k-rad junglist techstep revival way - usually reserved for use when referencing nerds wearing all black with long, unkempt facial hair and voracious body order or "comic book guy" characters a la Matt Groening's "The Simpsons"
Did you see that guy in the BATMAN t-shirt cruise over from his LAN party to piss off the people in the next room having a wedding reception? Dude was totally hot boxing the cops!
by jbl January 1, 2004
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(as in hot copped, hot copping)
a task completed easily; with little effort.

a. easy to be around.
b. a floozy.

Origin (as theorized by many scholars of the era)- Arrested Development (TV)(2003-2005)
1. (verb) Yeah man, Angie just hot copped her dinner.

2 (noun) Don't be such a Hot Cop, Becky.
by A Gallon of Bees July 18, 2010
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send hot cop: yo dude tell them to send over the hot cop tonight ;)
by cavorted September 28, 2015
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