The act of boiling pounds of Greek yogurt and pouring it on your first born child.
"Julie, your baby is soooo cute! I hope he survives hot yoga next Wednesday!"
by nottheownerofelka June 12, 2015
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Hot Yoga is a auto-erotic act which is accomplished only through a mastery of the flexibility gained by extensive practice of yoga and strong fecalphilial urges. To accomplish a Hot Yoga, one must be flexible enough to bend their head and pelvis close enough together to pass a bowel movement onto one's own face. There exists several positions and varriations, but ultimately must be done by either bending the head forward towards the crotch or with greater difficulty, bending of the head backwards toward the rectum and releasing a bowel movement of any consistency onto one's own face.
Steven practices Hot Yoga so he can dump on his own face when nobody is around to do it.

Tom worked on his flexibility for years just so he could give himself a Hot Yoga.
by Humpergoat January 25, 2011
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dropping a big steaming load off at the porcelain throne...or anywhere you feel like poppin' a squat.
I just had some White Castle and now I really gotta do some hot yoga.
by Rock'em Sock'em Betty Crock'em December 30, 2010
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