Someone playing a game online is breathing heavily into their microphone, or are having lots of background noise interfer with the other players.
"Fusion, you got a hot mic. I can hear your Wife in the background."
by eshm October 27, 2008
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Someone has their microphone turned on talking to other players for a long period of time, without push to talk. Typically in an online game.
Billy was hot mic'ing in sea of thieves talking to his teamates.
by DoYouKnowDeWey? March 17, 2019
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When someone creates a lot of background noise in their microphone on purpose in an online game and disables push-to-talk. This results in loud static which disturbs all the other players.
Hotmiccer: *loud ass noises disturbing everyone*
Other players: Turn your mic off!
Hotmiccer: *continues to hot mic*
Other players: Ok we will just mute you.
by vapeswave May 21, 2020
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