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The name given to a plastic bag into which you have recently defecated.
"There was a queue for the toilet, so I had to make a hot bag"

"Don't step on the hot bag in the corner"

"So, I gave them another souvenir of their day trip to North West London. An official Wembley Stadium Hot Bag, squeezed out on the Hallowed Turf."
by Fixiechick August 19, 2008
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When you aggressively drop a fat load into your slam piece.
Boss: "Yo why are you so late"
Sorry bro, had to drop a quick hotbag, howbouhdah

"ooooh Fuck ya bud"
by Heat bagger January 23, 2017
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a term referring to McDonald's take out.
man it's been a long day, I should grab a hot bag on the way home
by random^^ February 12, 2017
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a nickname for a teacher you have (usually male) that you have the hots for and is married, but at the same time has the hots for another teacher at the school, usually a foreign language teacher.
i call my social studies teacher hotbag because he is married and attracted to a spainsh teacher and i have the hots for him.
by you spin me right round, February 09, 2007
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