A warm mug of chocolately orgasm
"Hot cocoa is the drink of champions."
"its like warm and tasty and full of dreams"
"Hot cocoa is like warm cholate orgasm in a mug<3"
by suskygirl May 15, 2013
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When a woman takes a shit into a mug, the man warms this cup of shit in the microwave while having sex with the woman. Right before he finishes he jizzes into the warm cup of shit and serves it to the woman.
Dav: Dude I totally gave that chick my special hot cocoa mix last night, she loved it
by Kipperonie September 20, 2009
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- Bro, I had such a good hot cocoa in the Jacuzzi!
- Hot cocoa in the jacuzzi?! Man! No cold beer?
- No man I meant we had anal sex!
by ismoph December 4, 2017
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The act of snuggling under a blanket and hiding from the cold by nurturing a mug of hot cocoa as the name implies. Practiced by many who suffer from Cold Anxiety.
Clay: Hey Becca! Wanna go build a snowman?
Becca: Fuck that shit Clay! I'm staying here and enjoying some Hot Cocoa Therapy! Fuck you and your snow man too!
by WeebabySeamus October 5, 2011
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A Fark cliche created during the Christmas 2003 season. Refers to the archetypical dumb corporate Christmas bonus.
"I swear I'm going postal if I get another hot cocoa sampler box this year."
by connorbd@yahoo.com February 8, 2004
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It means that you're married, watch movies, and pass out with little to no sexual activities.
Baby, do you want to Netflix, Hot Cocoa, and Chill, but really fall asleep shortly into the film because we've had a long week at work.
by Beautiful Scene January 15, 2017
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n. Derogitory term for an African-American lady who as evidently enjoyed a large number of paramours. A more specific version of box of assorted creams.
Check out that Yolanda with the six kids. Looks like a hot cocoa sampler box to me.
by Skid Marky Mark January 8, 2004
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