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When you hate the cold so much you take certain steps in your life to avoid cold situations. You miss out on events and other happenings because it is either 1) taking place on a cold night outside or 2) taking place on a night with a touch of cold and you are nervous that your sweater won't be warm enough. You do not fear the alarm clock, you fear the cold burst of air that will flow over your body once you pull the comfortor off your body. You don't hate showering, but you hate the feeling of stepping out of the shower and towelling off so you either a) blow-dry your body before your hair, or b) install a sauna next to your shower.
You also find yourself in a sweatshirt while others are wearing bathingsuits and you stare in disbelief at how cold they must be!
"I didn't go meet my girlfriends out at the Marina tonight because I had too much cold anxiety!!"

"Why are you late for work?'
"My cold anxiety kept me in bed too long!"

"Why are you wearing a jacket in the summer?"

"cold anxiety!"
by GrindAfficionado September 26, 2011
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