When someone is not friendly, has cruel intentions towards you, or treats you poorly.
There hostility was obvious when they injured poor Johnny.
by The Chosen 1 #1 January 5, 2016
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Pun on the word "hospitality". Refers to interminable drinks/social occasions which you really don't want to attend but have to be there.
Me: We have been invited to the neighbours for some hostility tonight.

You: Oh no. Not the Smiths! It took us weeks to get over the last visit.
by cycling pilot April 17, 2010
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It's largely performative.
Hym "The hostility is a direct response to the thing you're doing. It isn't a hostage situation. If I put a gun to somebody's head told you to spin around and clap your hands 3 times; you would just do it. It takes nothing for you to tell the truth. I'm illustrating a point. You're doing what you're doing because you are counting on me being subject to some sort of morality that you are ALSO claiming that I don't have AND my lack of this morality is justification for doing what you're doing. You don't see that? Which is why the exploitation question is stupid. I can do the same thing. Look, 'If you love kids so much why are you trying to provoke me into killing them? If you cared about kids you wouldn't be doing this to me.' See how that works? See how that isn't the gotcha moment you think it is? You're just being a piss-pants because I said your thing doesn't work as well a 7 iron. Which it doesn't. Much to David's chagrin, if a woman likes smoking weed and they like fat cocks; they are going to choose the guy with the fat cock smoking weed in his mother's basement 100% of the time. So, if you entirely omit this statistical reality then sure. If you omit all of the information that PROVES THAT I AM RIGHT, then yeah your thing is fine. Do you see how that works? Quit being a piss-pants. You're in your feelings more than the people actually involved. And don't humanize yourself. It's gross."
by Hym Iam June 7, 2022
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Most of the definitions here are embarrassingly incorrect; hostile means "antagonistic", "contentious", "combative", "unfriendly", "antisocial", "belligerent", "unsympathetic", "scrappy", "quarrelsome," "disagreeable".

Hostile basically means "of or relating to an enemy"; unfriendly or inhospitable.
The homeless man gave me a hostile look as I passed him, but who could blame him? Life on the streets was pretty hostile for anybody.
by Lorelili June 2, 2011
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Performing hostile actions.
Jack: Motherfucker was hostiling, had to get 'em.
Harry: Hell, yeah.
by dictonaryboy May 17, 2023
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Most of the definitions here are embarrassingly incorrect; hostile means "antagonistic", "contentious", "combative", "unfriendly", "antisocial", "belligerent", "unsympathetic", "scrappy", "quarrelsome", "disagreeable".

Hostile basically means "of or relating to an enemy"; unfriendly or inhospitable. Marked by a feeling of ill will toward somebody.
Casey Anthony's looked like a marble statue as she watched people take the stand, her face a calm mask which barely hid the hostile spoiled brat beneath.

The gangbangers walked the streets of the slum, their faces angry and hostile as they glanced about.
by Lorelili July 10, 2011
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A word that apparently people think is slang for for something... when its really not. Hostile has simple meanings:

1. characterized by enmity or ill will

2. very unfavorable to life or growth (hostile conditions)
Ignorant Fool: "Dude why did you hook up with that ugly chick, she was hostile!"

Dude: "She may have been ugly, but she wasn't 'hostile' you fucking moron."

Ignorant Fool: "Woah no need to get hostile man."
by BelligerenceXx September 10, 2010
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