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Hossin- The act of going as fast as possible over crappy terrain, (refers to sports such as snowboarding, longboarding, driving, mountain biking, etc...) usually refers to the utmost speed one can achieve before entering a feature or manuever. It is not just the act of traveling fast, but the art of going faster then safe, during a particularly sketchy section, before a turn, jump, trick, etc.

Not hossin- If you have to hit a jump at max speed you are not hossin

Hossin- If you have to hit a mandatory fifteen foot jump before you have to straight line a chute with moguls in it and then hit a seventy foot step down with a river between the lip and landing, you are hossin.
You were hossin before that left turn.

I was hossin yesterday when i was running from the cops on my razor scooter.

My dad was hossin over to your moms house last night when she said there was a fire and she needed a whole team to put it out.
by SRS smd March 25, 2010
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The act of having sex very vigorously and for a long time while giving the most pleasure possible to the woman and making her cry / pass out from pure skill and ecstasy. no homo
"Dude how was last night? I saw you leave with that busted ole trick"
"You wouldn't even believe the terrible and unspeakable things that I did last night. I was hossin from dusk til dawn. She passed out at least 3 times"
by DisShoAmGood September 14, 2009
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